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    VISG 0.93 ( 364 / 1341 ) [ 2007-10-08, 03:37, Monday ]

    All the changes...

    + in the property window: do not redraw the assigned control if its style isn't changed.
    + now the key navigation works faster in the property window.
    + draw the frame around the whole control window, not only its client area.
    + Ctrl+I activates the tool window, if it exists.
    + Ctrl+P activates the property window, if it exists.
    + Modified several captions of menu items.
    + Multiline tooltips.
    + Added some extra error processing.
    + Fixed some memory leaks.
    + Show little screenshots in tooltips (optional).
    + Show big images in the tool window (optional).
    + The tool window can be resized.
    + Show current project in the main window.
    + Added "New Project" menu item.
    + Added list of recent projects in the File menu.
    + VISG Script Engine is enhanced (fast search of variables, the file cache).
    + new cmd: %eval : evaluate a math experssion.
    + new cmd: %uppercase and %lowercase
    + now the commands "%style " and "%exstyle " set variables like "%set ".
    + new cmd: %length : get length of the string which is in .
    + minimize/restore all program windows when the main window becomes minimized/restored.
    + fixed winkey+d bug : now hide all the program windows.
    + new control: grid.
    + the content window works with listboxes, comboboxes, headers and grids.
    + added variable "i.width" - width of item.
    + the content window can be resized.
    + added new cmd: %replace : replace a substring.
    + VISG is little tested under ReactOS 0.3.3-RC2 (in qemu). Looks like VISG works properly.
    + Ability to convert backslash in captions.
    + MASM generator is fixed (bug with null/empty strings).
    + All the generators are enhanced (better string convertion).
    + Added new cycle: %for each number : loop while %varname% > 0.
    + Common script to generate window class names and also control identifiers for all winapi generators.
    + "%include" can take any amount of args (arg0 - name of the file, arg1...argN - arguments).
    + new cmd: %local ... : makes specified variables local.
    + fixed a bug with wrong main menus in the tool windows.

    Download ( 189.7 Kb )
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