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    VISG 0.8 ( 2264 / 2659 ) [ 2007-07-29, 19:46, Sunday ] •••

    VISG 0.8 has many changes inside (more than 40).
    Now it is more convenient than before.

    Full list of changes:

    + fixed delphi generator (wrong use of "@" sign).
    + added new constants "now" and "this_file" to VISG Script language.
    + fixed: create controls according to the grid.
    + added: animate control.
    + added: header control.
    + added: toolbar control.
    + added variable "this_filename" - name of current file without ext.
    + added assembler generators: tasm, masm and lzasm.
    + added list of all features.
    + added separators in the toolwindow.
    + show the count of windows on the toolwindow.
    + show the count of controls on the toolwindow.
    + select just created controls.
    + save toolwindow position in config.
    + resize the last toolwindow button of each group.
    + new feature "direct put": fast create controls on the form without dragging.
    + multilingual toolwindow.
    + added option "tool_width" to change the width of toolbuttons.
    + now a script file can have any length.
    + now you can create your own variables in scripts with any name.
    + save position of main window in the config.
    + option "use winxp style" for VISG program.
    + added service plugin "command line".
    + added brief VISG help (html format).
    + added: monthcal, statusbar, hotkey, listview, datetimepick.
    + added: rich edit control.
    + added: variable "load_library": use it, if a control needs an additional library like RichEdit.
    + modified several plugin images to look better.
    + save position of userwindow in the config.
    + show a tooltip for all created controls (show its class, position and size).
    + added an option: show the created program.
    + now property window can be resized.
    + save position and size of property window in the config.
    + added ability to set names for controls (symbolic identifiers).
    + names of controls and windows are available in scripts as "" and "".
    + visg can autogenerate unique names of controls.
    + added to script language: "for each_name", "n.caption", "n.index", "n.count", "w.count", "if any_name_exists".
    + added: "i.count", "c.count".

    Download ( 116.7 Kb )
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