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    VISG 0.9 soon... ( 1094 ) [ 2007-08-06, 23:47, Monday ]

    VISG 0.9 will have more abilities and also several important bugfixes.

    At the moment:

    + fixed the plugin for FreeBASIC. now it can be compiled by the last public version of FBC (0.17)
    + fixed the search for plugins. now variables "typemask" and "typevalue" are used to fix the search.
    it must be set for the different controls of the same class with different style list.
    (because of this bug, VISG shows wrong style list sometimes)
    + show also the alias of control in the popup tooltip.
    + removed unused interface messages.
    + added script cmd "include" to include files into current script (%include "filename").
    + now VISG saves projects as visg script files (see "proj_save.vsg").
    + added new feature: "Clone a window". It clones any visible window on the desktop.
    + added script cmd: "%debug "

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