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    About VISG ( 0 / 1654 ) [ 2007-07-29, 19:36, Sunday ]

    VISG is a visual constructor of graphical user interface (GUI) with ability to generate source program code of GUI for supported platforms (programming language, library, OS).

    Features of VISG:

    + It allows to build graphical user interface (GUI) visually.

    + It allows to generate the source code for created GUI for several different platforms.

    + It supports the special description language that any user can add support of its programming language
    in the program, or change current scripts.

    + It supports plugins.
    These plugins are text files with very simple syntax.
    Any user can simply add new controls, menu items, etc.

    + It supports all MS Windows controls and all its styles.

    + At the moment, VISG knows about the following programming languages:
    C, Pascal (Free Pascal, Delphi), Assembler (masm, tasm, lzasm), Basic (FreeBASIC).

    + At the moment, VISG can use the following libraries:
    Win32API, Xlib.

    + Just generated source program can be compiled without extra modifications.

    + Convenient interface.

    + Multilingual interface. It can be simply translated to any language.

    + The program supports project files.

    + The program is not slow. It works fast.

    + The program is compact.

    + VISG works under MS Windows, Linux+Wine.

    + VISG is free of charge yet.

    + Tested on: MSVC++, Delphi, Free Pascal, devcpp, TASM, MASM, lzasm, gcc, Free Basic.

    Have you played with this? Be first, rate it:

    6. 2007-08-07: Herb E-mail

    I played around a little further, with the tabbed form example, devcpp complains:

    syntax error before ',' token in CreateWindowEx(0x00000000, "SysTabControl32", "abc", 0x54000040,194, 127, 128, 96, parent, (HMENU), instance, NULL);

    also after using on and off all for a few hours, the forms in projects come up minimized and there is no way to restore them to their former size, only maximum. I am using Windows XP.



    Answer: Hello.

    (1) The tab control has no symbolic identifier (name).
    VISG inserts the name of control after "(HMENU)".
    Set the name in the property window.
    I will fix this later - visg will check names before generating.

    (2) I think, you had set special set of window styles.
    Try "show all windows" button on the tool window.
    Maybe it can help?

    5. 2007-08-06: Herb E-mail
    Forgot to say, many thanks.
    4. 2007-08-06: Herb E-mail

    what you suggested worked. I shall play with it some more.


    3. 2007-08-06: Herb E-mail

    Good program. I pretty new to this, placed the resulting C file in Dev-C project and compile and linked, the linker complained:

    [Linker error] undefined reference to `InitCommonControls@0' which I believe refers to: to this line: InitCommonControls()

    Any help on this would be most appreciated.



    Answer: Hi, Herb.
    Go to Project/Project Options/Parameters.
    Then add "libcomctl32.a" into Linker editbox.
    (or you can use "Add library or Object" button to do this).
    Now try to build your project again.
    2. 2007-08-01: AmR EiSa ( r0ot ) E-mail
    this is very very good but sad , I think it's will be more Great Project if it's Open Source Project .

    AmR EiSa

    1. 2007-08-01: milan1612 E-mail Site
    Hi guys (or guy, i don't know)
    Great work! VISG definetly helps me alot!
    Any chance to see the code? What language it is written in?
    Answer: "guy" smile

    I don't want to make VISG open-source right now.
    But I think, it maybe open-source later.
    The language is C (+WinAPI).

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