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    Visg 0.951 ( 1468 ) [ 2008-04-20, 00:04, Sunday ] •••••

    Fixed the window cloning.
    Now eval command supports the prefix sign operator (+/-).

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    4. 2008-06-12: Michal Suchanek E-mail
    Thanks for your replies.

    I tried on WinXP in VirtualBox. It may have something to do with running off the VirtualBox share.

    I do not think using non-standard controls is the way. However, look at Task Manager dialog - when it is resized, some parts keep fixed while others expand. This should be configurable in the UI or at lest the elements should behave in some sane way, not keep sitting in the upper left corner. Also when the font size changes the text fields and the like should expand appropriately.

    I also noticed that when resizing a list control in the GUI its height changes to that of a text field, and can't be expanded.

    3. 2008-06-11: Michal Suchanek E-mail
    Running multiple times works in wine..

    However, in wine the tooltips are still not painted.

    Also there is a single properties dialog but it does not update to show properties of the selected object when a different object is selected.

    There is font set in the code but I do not see any option in the GUI to set the font.

    The stuff is really not resized properly when running the application. Changing the window or font size is fatal for usability of the created layout.

    Answer: > There is font set in the code but I do not see any option in the GUI to set the font.

    See Settings dialog. At the moment, there is one font for all generated code.

    However, Now I'm developing new version of visg. It will have own gui based on low-level winapi/xlib functions, so it will work in wine properly (it will not use standard windows widgets).

    2. 2008-06-11: Michal Suchanek E-mail

    I tried to make a dialog and save it into C code, and I got a nice sample application.

    However, there is a problem with VISG. It is only possible to start it once, if I close it and start it once more it would say "cannot create window" twice and exit.

    The problem with the created code is that I do not see anything for resizing the controls to fit into the window when it is resized, or the other way around.

    Also I do not quite get how to put anything into list boxes but I guess that can be fixed manually.

    Answer: What is your OS ? I have WinXP and I have no problems with starting VISG several times.

    > Also I do not quite get how to put anything into list boxes

    Open list box properties. There is a button "Content". It opens another one dialog which is able to insert items into the list box.

    1. 2008-05-18: Jjj Ccc

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