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    Visg developing... ( 3191 ) [ 2008-10-18, 03:34, Saturday ] ••••


    I have good news about Visg.

    I will continue developing Visg. But it will be renamed to "Codege" and becomes an open-source application. It looks like it's a good name for visg successor.

    Please, rate the logo which I have painted for Codege:

    Write comments, rate this news.

    This is not the final logo, it will be little changed to be better.

    Rate it, please:
    4. 2009-02-20: Велорий E-mail Site
    Кю! biggrin
    3. 2008-11-21: Ram Singh
    Ya.. only Russian help file is available. But, we are from India and know only Hindi/ English. How to program without knowing its syntax?
    Answer: Do you need the english help file which describes the coding of plugins? I have only this one (at the moment, in russian, BUT I can translate it to English), not the help for VISG itself.
    2. 2008-11-20: Ramesh
    Where is the help file (English) ?
    Answer: There is no useful help files in any language. The russian help files is in initial stage, so it contains nothing useful. I thought the user of my program has an experience with other similar programs, so the user is able to understand how to use it.
    1. 2008-11-20: ctsnd
    Excellent,. but no english manual
    Answer: If you mean the plugin manual, you can translate the russian one with any translator or online translator (like The result will be enough readable/understandable.

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